Digital Art
Single channel HD video with audio and 2 LED light boxes with Latex Prints on polypropelene

Transimmanence was birthed from my last solo exhibition where I was able to re-curate my own artworks and could bring together two different bodies of work (Oil Dancer and Entheogen Vignettes). This work came to embody my last solo exhibition as Transimmanence where I was exploring the multiplicity of existence. It has now become an exploration of the juxtaposition of moving and static image. The light panels from Entheogen Vignettes came from moving image and then were presented as static images in their final guise. All of the artworks presented in the exhibition could stand alone individually or come together as a hole; creating a meditative space that presented the torsion of transcendance and immanence upon the viewer. This process of re-exploring (re- curating) my own artworks is critical within my own artistic practice.

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