Tolmie MacRae artist CV

Tolmie MacRae is a digital artist predominately working in video.

In his current body of work Transimmanence he is investigating the flow of light and time on subjects and landscapes. His first piece was a collaboration with a fan dancer where he looked for complimentary and juxtaposing lines of movement between differing frames, he then pulls those lines through each other. Like the cubists trying to represent every perspective of a subject or an object at once, he tries to pull each frame of video through itself to see each frame at once yet evolve and flow over time.

He tries to present the subject as something that is timeless but real and immediate at the same moment. His work is about allowing people’s movements and actions to fold upon themselves so that past and present meet in various layers (generating a visual and temporal abstraction of the moment and the body).

His background comes from studying digital media at a fine arts college and also VJing – from parties to working with a progressive metal band to performing with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to celebrate the Sydney Opera House’s 40th birthday. He tries to blend these different spheres, (allowing the ideas from the various subcultures to cross over and influence his art works). He is also a cofounder of the Sydney based collective Tame the Pixels.

With influence from Oskar Fischinger, he tries to discover creativity in a form of abstraction through video. Other influences on his practice are James Turrell’s large scale light rooms and Bill Viola’s video installations as well as the works of Juraj Dobrović.