About & CV


Artist Bio

Tolmie MacRae is a video artist from Sydney, Australia now based in Cologne, Germany. His background comes from studying a Masters of Digital Media at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney and also VJing. He has performed with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to celebrate the Sydney Opera Houses’s 40th birthday, exhibited at ISEA 2013 and internationally at the Shedhalle, Tübingen, Artrooms Fair London and the 14th Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, Italy.

Artists Statement

Tolmie MacRae’s art practice explores the multiplicity of existence predominantly through the medium of video. His work has explored themes of meditation, transcendence and immanence by investigating the flow of light and time on people and landscapes generating visual and temporal abstractions. He plays with opposing ideas and then fuses them together. Rather than transcendence and immanence or creation and destruction as binary opposites the artist explores the tension of these seemingly competing states of existence as combined dualities. It is not a political or spiritual investigation for the artist but rather an individual exploration of the state of existence.

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