Project/Forward 20477

Happening this weekend! 11th-13th Dec

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“The future is up for grabs. It belongs to any and all who will take the risk and accept the
responsibility of consciously creating the future they want.” Robert Anton Wilson
To end 2020, Micro Galleries are sparking a little colour, light and hope into the creative realm
with our festival this year: Project / Forward: 2047. A weekend-long global projection art
festival featured in under-resourced spaces, making art accessible and hopeful for those who
need it the most.
From 11-13 December, over 40 artworks from across the world will be beamed onto
unexpected and unique spaces in under-resourced places that deserve to be in the spotlight. All
artists have been informed they are the new global leaders, responsible for creating the
blueprint for 2047. From their lockdown loungerooms, they are imagining how to build a better
world: sketching what values people will have, how will they spend their time, what the cultural
landscape looks like, what we all do all day, what our environment is, how we live, and what we
really want for the future.
Micro Galleries artists are again banning together from around the world to prove not only will
COVID not stop artists from creating, it’s giving us the fuel to create the world we want.

#ProjectForward2047 #MicroGalleries #artistdesignedfuture

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