Oil Dancer

Oil Dancer
3 channel HD video with stereo audio

Oil Dancer grew out of collaboration and experimentation with a fan dancer. The original intention was to explore a particular technique, but in trying to capture this elusive performance, the hypnotic and meditative rhythm and movements of the dancer, spiralled this piece in a completely different and unexpected direction. This piece was the genesis for my current body of work. Through constant experimentation and collaboration with a dancer I was able to explore and start to define my own aesthetic as a video artist. Video allows me to catalogue time and space into a language of frames. Once captured I would play and challenge their linear hierarchy , distorting it, pulling those moments and perspectives through each other. Like the cubists trying to represent every perspective at once, video allows me to pull each of these catalogued moments through themselves to paradoxically see each frame at once, whilst also allowing things to evolve and flow over time.

Oil Dancer – 360º documentation

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