Transimmanence – Articulate Project Space

My first solo show took place at  Articulate Project Space in January 2018. Below you will find documentation from the exhibition.

This video is a selection from some of the works that were exhibited.

A selection of images of the exhibition.

Artist statement/room sheet:

Tolmie MacRae’s first solo show is the exploration of what Jean-Luc Nancy called transimmanence. The viewer will be transmuted into a flaneur of the Articulate space. My body of work that has developed over the past five years has recurrent themes of meditation and transcendence; immanence at the same time, but not in contradiction. My digital works which are presented as prints, video, projection and sculpture are all manifestations of my inquiry into the flows of time on a subject or object. This investigation naturally drew me to the medium of video where I could look for complimentary and juxtaposing lines of movement between frames and then pull those lines through each other. Like the cubists striving to represent every perspective of a subject/object simultaneously I try to pull each frame of video through itself to see each frame at once, yet evolve and flow over time generating a visual and temporal abstraction of the moment and the body.

Over the past five years I have built a body of work where each piece has grown from the previous; This is the first time these works have been presented together. Each work has been presented in various guises in different joint shows, performances or commissioned exhibitions. This will be the first time for me to explore how they can all sit together. The Articulate space is an exploration of the relationships between each work so they can stand alone but also become a whole to translate the state of transimmanence.

The exhibition trailer.

This video is a 360º documentation of Oil Dancer. This work is a 3 channel HD video and audio installation.

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