Entheogen Vignettes

Entheogen Vignettes ( Series of 15 prints).
Digital Art/Print
LED light boxes with Latex Print on polypropylene.

The genesis of the abstractions for the light boxes was originally moving image. They came from a video album created to accompany a bands audio album however it was never released. Upon reviewing the film by individual frames I started to see individual works in each static frame. They are single snap shots taken from a glitch artwork where the original image of X-Rays was pulled and manipulated so much that it became an entirely new image. They have certain Rorschach qualities to them where each viewer sees something different and new in each frame making them more of a mirror than a mere object. I like to re-explore my own works with each other and through themselves. This body of work is a direct result of my background as a VJ. The video album was intended to be performed live to give a different texture to the musical performance. The creation of the abstractions as well were an exploration of creation from destruction. I constantly re-explored my own works by manipulating, remixing and combining them to constantly search for something new. My practice has always been defined by a process of experimentation. Rather than pursuing a defined outcome. I enjoy the journey of exploring the experimental process of destructing and rebirthing my pieces of video. This process has been heavily influenced by the early experimental films and apparatuses of Oskar Fischinger. I distill my creativity in the form of abstraction through video.

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